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Powder Coating Leader


Established in 1937, Burkard Industries has built a strong reputation serving the needs of a wide range of customers.  Since 1988, Burkard has been recognized as a leader in powder coating enabling manufacturers to improve their product quality with exceptionally durable and attractive finishes.  Customers are assured of the highest quality level using the latest application techniques and equipment.  Burkard Industries quality system meets or exceeds a variety of finishing specifications in accordance with ISO 9001 standards (formerly ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 – ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015).


Beyond the capabilities of conventional coatings, powder coating provides a highly durable, protective layer that is electro-statically bonded, and then fused to component surfaces.

Customers choose powder coating for surfaces where maximum protection and lasting appearance are a priority.  Powder coated surfaces offer exceptional resistance to corrosion, chemicals, scratching, and exposure to sunlight.

Powder coating is the ultimate choice for a number of metal finishing applications. It has the durability to stand up to harsh automotive, marine and industrial environments and is competitively priced for all your finishing needs.


Powder Coatings are environmentally friendly.  Unlike liquid coatings, powder coatings contain no solvents; thus, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are minimized, eliminating a major source of air pollution.   Environmentally, powder coating is the best choice for finishing applications.

Powder Coat Applications

  • Tubing – Fuel line, Brake, Steering & Coolant
  • Automobile Frames
  • Coil Springs
  • Wheels & Bumpers
  • Trailer Hitches
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Appliances
  • Hospital Equipment

  • Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
  • Farm Implements
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Architectural Components
  • Marine Equipment
  • Window & Door Hardware
  • Commercial Displays
  • Modular Furniture
  • Exterior Doors
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Computer Enclosures

Burkard’s State of the Art Powder Coat Process

Click the tabs below to learn about each step of Burkard’s powder coat process.

Pretreatment Process
Parts undergo an eight-stage cleaning and preparation process prior to powder application, ensuring optimum adhesion, durability, and appearance.

Powder Application
Powder coatings are applied electro-statically in environmentally controlled clean rooms using the latest technology.  We incorporate both automatic and manual spray equipment giving us the ability to process a wide range of part configurations.  The powder is then cured in our ovens where it is transformed into a durable, protective finish.

Custom Masking
Burkard Industries provides expertise in custom masking to protect mating and contact surfaces where critical tolerances must be preserved.  We develop innovative mask designs providing solutions to customers’ complex masking requirements.

Colors, Wrinkles and Textures
Powder coatings are available in a broad range of  colors and finishes.  The choices are virtually unlimited.  Our extensive stock inventory allows customers to choose from a wide spectrum of colors and textures.  Custom color matching services are also available.

Process Certifications and Part Testing
Using ASTM testing procedures for salt fog, adhesion, and hardness, we are equipped to validate the quality of our processes.  SPC principals are used to monitor processing conditions and verify that customer requirements are being met.  Burkard offers PPAP submissions, Control Plans, Process Certifications, and other customer required quality documentation.  Certified to ISO 9002 (formerly ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 – ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015), we are continually improving our processes and standards to supply the highest quality finishes.

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Coating Compliance

Burkard Industries is ready for your order with an unrivaled list of compliance approvals. From the Big Three in Metro Detroit to Tesla in California on the West Coast and countless other companies world-wide. We range from Automotive to Industrial to Commercial and any other industry that wants the best quality E-Coating, Powder Coating or CARC application. 

MS-PB-45-1E-Coat15-20 microns
MS-PB-45-2E-Coat20 microns (.8 mils)
MS-PB-60-2E-Coat20 microns (.8 mils)
MS-PE-16-2Black Powder Coat.002 Min
MS-PE-16-2Black Powder Coat.002 Min
MS-PE-16-2Black Powder Coat.002 Min
MS-PE-16-2Wheel White Powder Coat.002 Min
MS-PE-16-2Black Powder Coat.002 Min
MS-PB-59-1Gray Powder Coat.002 Min
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
49-00023-101, -102 or -103
Zinc Phos/E-Coat Prime
.7 - 1.0 mils
Zinc Phos/E-Coat Prime
.7 - 1.0 mils
Military 53030 or 53022 primer
1.0-1.5 mils dry
Military 53084 prime
0.75-1.25 mils
DBL 7391-04
Cathodic e-coat
per part dwg
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
ESA-M64J19-B1/B4Black Cathodic E-coat20-25 microns
ESB-M70J1-ABlack Powder Coat.001 in min
ESB-M70J5-ABlack Powder Coat
ESE-M2P171-A1/A2Black Powder Coat
ESF-M70J1-ABlack Powder Coat.001 in min
ESF-M70J4-ABlack Powder Coat.003 in min
ESN-M2P86-ABlack Powder Coat
WA05 PB 195ABlack Powder Coat
WSA-M2P170-A1Black Powder Coat
WSB-M64J28-A1/A4Black E-coat20 microns nom.
WSK-M2P153-A1 thru -A6Any (as specified)as req'd to meet perf requirements
WSK-M3P1-Czinc phosphate
WSS-M2P177-B1, -B2
WSS M2P177-C1, -C2, -C3E-Coatspecified on print
WSS-M2P180-CBlack Powder Coat
WSS-M2P185-Apaint performance
WSS-M2P190-Apaint performance"E-coat 20 min
Powder 50 min"
WSS-M21P41-A2cathodic e-coat
WSS-M64J39-A1/A5 System IEdge Protection Cathodic E-coat
WSS-M64J40-A1/A4Epoxy E-Coat over Zn Phos20-25 microns
WSS-M70J5BBlack Powder Coat
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
GMW14664 Type BPowder coat2-4 mils
GMW14669 Type Aexterior
GMW14669 Type Binterior
GMW14671, Type AE-Coat16-22 microns
GMW14671, Type BE-Coat23-35 microns
GMW14671, Type DPowder>/= 40 microns
GMW14671, Type EType A-D w/specified thicknessas specified
GMW14671, Type Fas specified on dwgas specified
GMW14671, Type GSpray Paint>/= 40 microns
GMW14671, Type He-coat20-40 microns
GM9984120Electrodeposition Primer- Cathodic E-Coat for Small Parts15 or 20 microns
GM9984050Black Powder Coat.038-.075
GM9984050Black Powder Coat.038-.075
GM9984050Black Powder Coat.038-.075
GM9984050Black Powder Coat.038-.075
GM9984275Black Powder Coat1.54-4.0 mils
GM9984275Black Powder Coat1.54-4.0 mils
GM9984275Black Powder Coat1.54-4.0 mils
GM9985586Gray Powder Coat
GM197M WA05 PB 195ABlack Powder Coat
GM197M WA05 PB 195ANeutral Medium Powder Coat
GM/Fisher Guide 3515-2Silver Horn Powder Coat
GM/CPC FBMS 1-43Black Powder Coat
GM4350M-AxxxPerformance spec for EC or Powder
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
HES D2021 Class 1, Grade 4Black E-coat>20 microns
HES D-22399 Class IIPowder Coat
5100Z-TRO-6001E-Coat"inner 15 min
outer 20 min"
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
TMS-9009 Class I
Decorative exterior parts
"20 microns Grade 17 or 19
25 microns Grade 20"
TMS-9009 Class IPDecorative exterior parts supplied primed only w/subsequent topcoat.
E-Coat or Powder
15 microns
TMS-9009 Class IINon-Decorative exterior parts that will be topcoated or if not topcoated, will not be subject to UV.
E-Coat or Powder
15 microns
TMS-9009 Class IIADecorative exterior parts that will be topcoated or if not topcoated, will not be subject to UV.
Powder (or E-Coat if post assembly topcoated)
15 microns
TMS-9009 Class IIINon-Decorative interior parts.
E-Coat or Powder
38 microns min
TMS-9009 Class IIIADecorative interior parts that will be subject to UV.
Powder (or E-Coat if topcoated)
38 microns min
TMS-9009 Class IVClass II for frame/chassis parts25 microns
TMS-9009 Class VEngine & engine parts25 microns
TMS-9009 Class VICasting sealer13 microns
CEMS G-5, Part V, Grade-56Cathodic E-coat primer20-24
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
NES M5083 CEDE-Coat20 microns
NES M5083 CED-EE-Coat/Edge Protection20 microns
NES M5083 CED-TE-Coat/Edge Protection, Thick30 microns
NES M5083 ET-2DPowder Coating20 microns
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
R026-198-39Black Powder Coat
CMT0030Black E-Coat.6-1.0 mils
CMT0030Black Powder Coat 1.5-3 mils
CMT0030Gray Powder Coat1.5-3 mils
CMT0030Black Powder Coat 1.5-3 mils
CS0031 Type 1Black Powder Coat 1.5-3 mils
CS0031 Type 1Gray Powder Coat1.5-3 mils
CS0031 Type 2Black E-Coat.6-1.0 mils
CMT0048Black Powder Coat
CMT0048Silver Powder Coat
CMT0048Black Powder Coat
CMT0048Red Powder Coat
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
TSH2354GE-Coat20 microns
01206-00050-AMed build TSH2354G e-coat w/TSH3600 zinc phos
w/enclosure 20-33 microns outside (>15 on inner surfaces)
01206-00344High build TSH2354G e-coat25-45 microns
SpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
VW 13750 Ofl-X630 KTLE-Coat (w/zinc phos)15-35 microns
(>/= 12 in cavities)
VW 13750 Ofl-X634 KTLE-Coat (w/zinc phos) w/paint topcoat35-60 microns
(>/= 20 in cavities)
CompanySpecificationCoating(s) - DescriptionThickness
Azure DynamicsSPC00218E-Coat
American AxleMS-4005 Type IIIE-Coat
American AxleMS-4005 Type IVE-Coat
American AxleMS-4005 Rev. EE-Coat
BendixBW-329-P Code ABlack E-Coat
Caterpillar1E1950HBlack Powder Coat
Caterpillar1E1951AYellow Powder Coat
Caterpillar1E1951AYellow Powder Coat
Caterpillar1E1951DGray Powder Coat
Caterpillar1E1952 HBlack Powder Coat
Caterpillar1E1952JBlack Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QGray Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QGray Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QYellow Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QRed Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QBlack Powder Coat
CNHMAT0101QTan Powder Coat
CNHMAT0103Black Powder Coat
Cummins21073 Rev.4Lead Free Black E-Coat
DensoCaterpillar RadiatorBlack Powder Coat
Hendrickson Truck34568-003 Rev.GE-Coat
(Johnson Controls)
MEPW-PLUS-SP-04-07-05-EE-Coat or
Powder Coat
Key Safety Systems (KSS)E50266 Rev.06E-Coat
Kenworth (PACCAR)RO26-198-6Black Powder Coat
Kenworth (PACCAR)R026-198-39Black Powder Coat
TeslaTM-0023F-P-EC Table 1E-Coat
TeslaTM-0023F-P-EC Table 2E-Coat
TeslaTM-0023F-P-EC Table 3E-Coat
TeslaTM-0023F-P-EC Table 4E-Coat
TRWMS00019Lead Free Black E-Coat
TRWPS00005Trivalent Zinc Plating
VolvoSTD 121-0006Zinc Black Plating
Western Star Trucks4102-3404E-Coat