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There is a reason Burkard Industries is an industry leader in powder coating for both industrial and military powder coating projects, and you can trace it back over the 85 years the company has existed. Burkard Industries has been run by a Burkard over the course of its existence, and each family member has expanded the company and improved its level of excellence, helping develop industry advancements and arguably setting the standard for the powder coating industry.

Burkard Industries is the Top Choice for Powder Coating

Most recently, Jay Burkard, who has been with the company since 1996, has figured out just what it takes to raise the bar for excellence. This is reflected in the company winning the No. 1 spot on the list of “Top Shops” for powder coating in North America in 2018 by Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication which has covered the industry since 1938, or only slightly less time than Burkard Industries has been in business.

“Burkard Industries has established itself as one of the best finishing operations in the industry,” said Tim Pennington, editor of Products Finishing magazine at the time Burkard Industries won the No. 1 spot on the Top Shop list. “In fact, Burkard Industries is the only finishing shop to achieve top five status every year since Products Finishing started its Top Shop program for coating shops four years ago. There are only 10 coating shops that have made the Top 50 list from the beginning, so Burkard being in the top five every year shows excellent consistency.”

Jay Burkard has figured out the three main things to make his company as successful as it is today: the facility, the people, and the process.

Burkard industries began powder coating in 1988, expanded that in 1995 and doubled the plant in size from 20,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet. Then in 2002 the plant nearly doubled in size again to 78,000 square feet. The facility has a degassing oven for porous castings, environmentally controlled clean rooms for powder application and storage, and continuous oven systems monitoring. The company spends about 12 percent of gross revenue annually on new equipment and fixtures to help keep everything in the facility in top-notch condition and to keep producing work that is of the highest quality.

The workforce boasts of a high level of experience. The management team has more than 200 years combined automotive manufacturing and finishing expertise, and sprayers on the powder coating lines average 15 years of experience or more. A performance-based incentive plan put in place in 2014 has increased the level of quality of work among the more than 100 employees, under Jay Burkard’s watchful eye.

Burkard Industries’ processes are second to none. The Burkard facility has an eight-stage zirconium pretreatment process for mixed metals and employees undergo formal internal training programs and sprayer certification. The company also has a rigorous quality control system in place to keep track of data compiled from quality metrics. These drive daily, weekly, monthly, and annual conversations about quality and quality improvements. Burkhard’s attention to detail is what has helped it win military e-coating projects and automotive coating projects alike.

Along with the reasons listed here for why Burkard Industries is a top powder-coating facility are the various awards Burkard has won over the years, as well as earning the business from a number of automotive companies and the military to perform the highest quality powder coating.