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Burkard Industries is the premier service company for the application of CARC paint (chemical agent resistant coating) with specialty military specification coatings of parts and vehicle components.

CARC PaintingBurkard has worked with the military to develop specifications for various coatings, including CARC paint. CARC paint has, true to its name, the ability to resist against chemicals and last a lot longer in harsh conditions, which could include exposure to chemical agents, than normal vehicle paint. CARC paint also is highly useful on military vehicles and their parts because as opposed to a normal vehicle, military vehicles can be transported to other places, sometimes worldwide, and are expected to stand up to not only the hardship of being transported but also to extreme temperatures and conditions and to withstand lots of wear and tear over the life of the vehicle and its parts. CARC paint is the obvious choice and the more durable alternative to normal vehicle paint.

Not only has Burkard Industries helped to develop the specifications and the coating for CARC paint, the company has expert capability and experienced personnel to apply CARC paint to parts and vehicle components. CARC paint is not something you find at a paint store or hardware store that you can apply yourself; it requires special tools and precise application processes, all of which Burkard Industries has, along with personnel who have many years of experience in applying CARC paint.

Next time you need parts and vehicles painted with CARC paint, come to Burkard Industries. Burkard Industries prides itself on the quality of its work, its storied experience in the coating industry, and its ability to meet its commitments on time. Burkard Industries is your one-stop shop for everything you need for pretreatment of parts, priming them, coating them, and painting them. Call (586) 791-6520 to learn more about how Burkard Industries can help you on your next project that requires CARC paint.