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Electrocoating parts provides them with a durable finish. E-coat primer adds a layer of corrosion resistance that only adds to the toughness and durability of metal parts and helps the paint adhere to parts and maintain an even finish.

E-Coat priming process at Burkard Industries

We here at Burkard Industries recommend e-coat primer as the money-saving solution to future corrosion issues. When we apply e-coat primer to parts, those parts benefit from a high level of corrosion resistance. TACOM claims over 20 years corrosion resistance for parts that have zinc phosphate/e-coat primer and CARC topcoat. Our e-coat services pass daily 1000-hour salt spray testing

When you’re the Department of Defense, making sure that make sure military vehicles and parts last as long as possible in order is crucial to maximizing the dollars spent on equipment. Corrosion of military equipment and infrastructure costs the DoD approximately $20 billion every year, and Burkard Industries is proud to work with the DoD, academia, private suppliers and other government agencies to continuously look for the best ways to extend the life of parts and combat corrosion.