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Coating and Masking Services

As a leader in powder coating and complex masking, Burkard Industries continuously looks for innovative ways to provide quality products to our clients. One such innovation is our Powder Batch Booth with accompanying cure oven which gives us the ability to process parts up to 16 feet long x 7 feet wide x 6.5 feet high.

Our streamlined approach to coating and masking allows us to test different coating processes on a variety of parts from the size of a paper clip to an automobile frame. Rack design, masking requirements, cure schedules, and powder selections can be established in advance of mass production, to assure a successful product launch.

Our batch booth can also be used for small quantity production runs, complex masking development, and sample/prototype creation. 

Burkard Industries’ employees have decades of experience. Our employees serve at the forefront in establishing powder application parameters. Further, individual attention is given to each part, so we can provide clients with high quality products every time.