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Military Specification Coating and Painting

The United States relies on Burkard Industries to provide superior quality military specification coating for zinc phosphate coating, electrocoating (e-coating), and powder coating. Military specification coatings and finishes require specialized knowledge and processes.

Military Carc Powder Coat Electrocoat

Military-Grade Zinc Phosphate/E-Coating
Zinc phosphate pretreatment of parts is ideal for military vehicles and equipment because it allows for the highest resistance to outdoor elements. Our unique 14-stage zinc phosphate/e-coat process results in coated components lasting three times longer than the competition. Most often zinc phosphate is applied in only 5-6 stages.

Zinc phosphate is excellent for many industrial applications such as steel parts to resist against corrosion, as a foundation for a paint or coating, and in conversion coating. Zinc phosphate is applied through immersion of a part, or through spraying the part. Application of a zinc phosphate coating forms a layer of insoluble, crystalline phosphates. In general, the stages for applying zinc phosphate are cleaning, water rinsing, activation, phosphating, another water rinse, and either a post-rinse or passivation, depending on the process used for application, whether it is through immersion or spraying. The rigorous process through which Burkard Industries applies zinc phosphate is what makes it stand apart from the competition.

Military Specification Coating (MIL-SPEC Coating)
The United States military sets certain standards for coatings for its vehicles and equipment, and these standards, delineated by the prefix MIL-, generally are of higher quality and reliability than non-military standards. The reason these coating specifications call for a higher quality and reliability is because military vehicles and equipment are expected to be able to endure rougher conditions and environments than their typical household counterparts and still perform their duties.

Burkard’s employees have more than 200 years of combined manufacturing and coating experience, making them uniquely qualified to apply coatings that meet military specifications. Burkard Industries is nationally recognized for its military-approved zinc phosphate, e-coating and powder coating. We provide coating services for the United States Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) as well as other prime contractors and their suppliers. We also provide military specific compliant pretreatment, prime and topcoat processes.

We here at Burkard have such a breadth and depth of experience, we share our knowledge with Department of Defense research labs, prime contractors and coating supply chains. We work to both inform the process of developing military-grade coatings and provide feedback on the application and use of these coatings.

Call us today to find out more about how we can serve your military or high-demand product with our coating services or see the chart below for a list of compliance types Burkard Industries is capable of meeting, and contact us to learn more about how our services can help you meet the highest standards of your military-grade specification coating needs.

Burkard CapableFERROUS
CARC System MIL-DTL-53072 MIL-DTL-53072

Zinc phosphateTT-C-490, Type I
Alodine T5900
Wash Primer TT-C-490, Type III
TT-C-490, Type III
E-Coat MIL-DTL-53084 MIL-DTL-53084
Solvent Epoxy MIL-DTL-53022 MIL-DTL-53022
Waterborne MIL-DTL-53030 MIL-DTL-53030
Powder CoatMIL-PRF-32348 Type I
MIL-PRF-32348 Type I
High Solids EpoxyMIL-PRF-23377
Type I and II
Type I and II
Waterborne MIL-PRF-85582
Zinc Rich Primer SSPC-PAINT 20
CARC Polymeric MIL-DTL-53039 MIL-DTL-53039
CARC WaterborneMIL-DTL-64159MIL-DTL-64159
Interior Powder
CARC Powder
MIL-PRF-32348 Type II
MIL-PRF-32348 Type III
Heat Resistant MIL-P-14105
High SolidsMIL-PRF-22750MIL-PRF-22750

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Military Compliance List

  • 12480693
  • 12369001
  • 12469282
  • 12350824
  • 12420325
  • 12344344
  • 12344343
  • 12369001
  • 12369002
  • 12369003
  • 12369004
  • 12369005
  • 12369006
  • 12369007
  • 12369008
  • 12369021
  • 12480693
  • 12480694
  • 12469112
  • 12469113
  • 12469120
  • 95-2732103
  • DOD-P-15328
  • MIL-DTL-53084
  • MIL-DTL-53072
  • MIL-PRF-32348
  • MIL-STD-171

CARC Military Approvals

  • AM General
  • BAE Systems
  • General Dynamics Land Systems
  • Oshkosh
  • Textron
  • Defense Contract Management Agency (DMCA)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • DoD preferred Primer (E-Coat) for steel and aluminium
  • DoD preferred pretreatment (alodine) for aluminium